Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pushing through

Welcome, November! It's a crisp (a positive word for cold-I'm working on that), sunny, beautiful day here in Indy. Change is definitely in the air. The leaves are gorgeous, but many are starting to fall. Winter will quickly be upon us. Change. I don't do very well with it, but it is necessary both in the seasons outside and in the seasons of life.

I've been plugging away for several months now with what I 'do' and studying my Bible and taking needs to God, but I am needing a change. Has your Bible reading ever gotten a little too routine or stale? Maybe you do it just to check it off the list, because you think you're supposed to or God won't bless you? The change I'm talking about is stepping out of your comfort zone (for me that's Psalms, Paul's books, and the gospels) and leaping into a style of the Bible that may not really be your cup of tea. The legal and the prophetic portions are not parts of the Bible I'm particularly attracted too, if I'm being honest. But a couple of times a year, I force myself to take on one of the books that is primarily one of these styles of writing and push through it. It's not always been easy, but I have never been disappointed. It's during these times that I remember more often to ask God to show me something about Him as I read and that I rely on Him more to help me understand the words and apply them to my life.

Now I started this all by saying I don't like change. I like to stay in my safe little area, but growth happens when we step out and ask God to do something for us instead of relying on ourselves in our own safe little world. So here we go. If you'd like to join me, I'm traveling back to visit Ezekiel for the next couple of months. I pray God shows YOU something new today from His Word, too.