Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Denise's Dailys

What a tremendous weekend we had. Everything that was borrowed has now been returned, and what we purchased has now been put away for another event down the road.

But the memories made will last a lifetime. There was a moment on Saturday when we were all in the motor home getting ready to pray with our pastor, and Robbie turned and looked at all of the people enjoying their time with their family. He broke down, and my heart was right there with him. For us, there is nothing greater than seeing a family together having fun, making memories together, and serving together as many families did on Saturday. Our challenge to the families was to commit to spending time together and being a part of each other's lives. Our other challenge was asking each individual to see God bigger than they did before and to ask Him to show Himself BIG to them. This is a prayer request that is absolutely within His will, because His Word tells us that if we ask anything in His name, He will answer. And we know He wants to be first in our lives (making Himself bigger than anything else). So, we know He will answer this prayer. We also know He'll answer this prayer, because we asked Him at the beginning of the year and He has answered with a BIG YES!

So even if you weren't there on Saturday, the challenge is the same for you. Ask God to show Himself BIG in your life today, but be ready. He'll blow your mind!