Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Denise's Dailys

I can't even believe it's September already. The leaves are starting to fall here, and it's really beautiful. But I gotta be honest with you. I hate the cold. I know God gives the cold and the warm weather, and I know there's a purpose for it all. But I still hate it. So if I'm griping on here come January or February, you'll know why.

It has truly been a remarkable summer, and I will miss the beauty of summertime. But it is nice to get into a routine again. When you're on the road for a long length of time, it's easy to get really worn out and feel displaced. That's what I was feeling a couple of months ago-displaced. We had a week or so break between traveling, and we were able to attend our home church, which we love more than words can express. I was feeling so displaced that I geared myself up for this grand homecoming where I would hug everyone and tell them all how I missed them and they would do the same, and I would get all filled up to go back on the road again.

Well, let me tell you how that worked out. It didn't. I came to worship with my church family with the thought, "What can I get out of this time today?" Instead of "How can I give back to God today in my worship?" Big difference. I left feeling still displaced, because my expectations didn't match up to the experience. It never could, because I was placing my focus on myself. Our worship is for one purpose and one purpose only-bringing glory to God. That's it. In everything we do.

So end of the story. We were able to go to our church this past Sunday, which was our first time back after that experience. This time I went in with the mindset of "How can I worship the Lord today? Who looks like they need encouragement? Who can I serve today? How can I bring glory to my God today?" Big difference. This time I was bouncing off the walls when we left, and my joy was complete. I had several opportunities to encourage folks, help out, listen, and oh, the worship was grand. If I keep my focus off myself and on Him, I will be filled up and He will be glorified.

How can YOU bring glory to God today?